Oracle Free Tier + Wirehole + Ansible + Terraform = Amazing

Intro A couple weeks ago, Devin Stokes (follow him on GitHub or Twitter) posted a project called Wirehole, which I found really interesting. It combines Wireguard VPN, Pi-Hole ad-blocker and Unbound DNS server in Docker containers and runs them for free FOREVER on Oracle Cloud. First, lets address that last line. It seems in an attempt to get in the game and draw in the nerd types to learn their cloud platform, Oracle has provided a very generous Free Forever tier which includes 2 1cpu/1gb ram instances for free forever.

Setup Docker and Portainer on Ubuntu and Basic Security Lockdown – Digital Ocean – 2019

This guide will walk you through the basics of setting up an Ubuntu 18.04 instance on Digital Ocean, creating a non-root user, installing Docker and Portainer (Docker GUI) and doing some basic system lockdown. Let us know if you have questions! LINKS: $50 Free on Digital Ocean(first time users): m.do.co/c/4904904f3ee0 Installing Docker CE on Ubuntu: docs.docker.com/install/linux/docker-ce/ubuntu/ Installing Portainer (Docker GUI): www.portainer.io/installation/ Connect With Us: Website: docker.guru Twitter: twitter.

Welcome To My Blog

HELLO INTERNET STRANGER! Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate you taking some time to visit. I will be sharing various bits about what I am working on and what interests me, as well as shamelessly plugging any other projects I am involved in. As a cautionary note, please take anything I post here more as “how I did it” and less as “how-to gospel”. There are many ways to do something right, and also many ways to do something wrong.